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Give us a hand - we give you a better future . . .
Fight for Human Rights all over the world!

Our Mission

As an established organisation wish to continue to bridge the gap between the issues of immigrants and the protections which the governments provide to immigrants and to bring to attention the flaws in legislation. We hope in time that the rules and regulations in respect of the immigration laws will change to reflect the changing needs of immigrants . . .

Our Vision

The organisation will work to develop integration, interactivities and exchange of views events between religious communities leading to reduction of involvement if youth in terroristic activities in the name of religion. The organization strongly intend to work to eliminate terrorism in the name of religious particularly, work to reduce poverty and highlight the . . .

Our Manifestos

IPF would work to provide at least basic essentials of life include “care” to those fleeing their mother land whilst facing deadly unfavorable environment. IPF would try to facilitate these immigrants facing tyranny of their present while they managed to reach at borders of various developed countries in search of escape of oppression . . .



Mr Choudhry Mohammad Sarwar, who is a former member of British Parliament, took IPF under his wing and has ensured that the issues concerning the above mentioned people have been looked into and resolved as quickly as possible. IPF has therefore been running activity since this time showing a dedicated involvement in resolving such issues not only in Britain but all over the world. IPF has always made good and faithful suggestions to the political issues which concern immigrants and generally to people who are affected by the changes in the immigration laws finding ways of ensuring that those that need to be protected by such laws receive adequate protection herein.


Further IPF has contributed politically in ensuring that the immigration laws change to assist the immigrants in UK. In late 99 Mike O’Brien who was the immigration Minister at the time, was assisted by IPF to ensure that the immigration rules were changed to protect the rights . . .


PF works for the welfare of political workers and immigrants from all over the world in order to provide them legal and moral support and to protect their basic rights. On 6 September 1998, IPF conducted a historical demonstration for the rights of asylum seekers outside . . .


We would like to recall the live and strong issues of the struggle regarding the White List in which 14 countries were denied Asylum claims in UK, despite migrants facing severe human rights violations. During this time, IPF worked in removing Pakistan and other countries from the white list . . .


  • Khalid Lateef Balooch - Chairman IPF
  • Ana Abdul Quddos Nadeem - Member CEC
  • Chaudry Muhammad Sarwar - Ex Patron in Chief IPF
  • Mr.Babar Bukhari (Solicitor) - Secretary General IPF
  • Consouler Musthaq Lashari - Patron IPF
  • Zia Balouch - PA to Chairman IPF
  • Mohammad Shahbaz - Member CEC
  • Moshan Naqvi - Member CEC