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IPF Programmes in 2018/2019

We at IPF are also working to provide awareness about an issue which is becoming worse where we are educating and assisting vulnerable individuals who are brought to the UK upon the basis of being a British person’s dependant and are made to live a life of abuse and are as a result not afforded any protection to safeguard themselves. We teach such individuals how to get to a safe house to live their lives without their human rights not being infringed. IPF is currently wanting to work with Redbridge council as a referral partner on a project called RISE (Refugees into Sustainable Employment). The project provides support to refugees who are unemployed or economically inactive (not working for health reasons etc.).  The project helps refugees to improve their employability skills, address any barriers to employment and to secure work, volunteering, work placements, education and training. Continue

Forthcoming Projects of IPF for UK

IPF will conduct free English language courses for the immigrants and their children already present in the country in order to make them useful citizens of this country. It will also arrange to educate the Syrian refugees newly arrived in the UK to make them aware with the culture and history of the country. IPF will arrange to conduct lectures and workshops for its members and other immigrants to educate them to learn how they can keep themselves away from religious extremism and how to become a peaceful and responsible citizen. IPF will arrange to provide free legal help for the immigrants whose cases have been refused and whose appeals have been rejected or who have been served with the deportation orders and they are still in the country. IPF will also take their cases before the members of House of Commons and House of Lords, so a possible solution of their cases will be found. Continue


IPF Projects for South Asia/Pakistan

IPF is not only working for the welfare of immigrants in the UK and Europe but it also desires a real democratic system in all third world countries especially in Pakistan. So that with a real democratic system the progress, peace and justice can be made possible in these countries. Infect, political workers are the strong pillars of a real democracy. In reality, political workers are the pillars of a democracy which hold its whole building. But it is very unfortunate that the political workers are not given such respect which they deserve and therefore we face serious consequences of not doing that. For the reasons, our lawmaking Assemblies are filled with uneducated and non-political wealthy looters. The corruption and looting are common and our assemblies look like merely a showcase in a shopping centre. As a result, few wealthy individuals become in power and these third world countries, instead of making progress, lose further. Unemployment, hunger and poverty have stopped the progress. Continue