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Forthcoming Projects of IPF for UK

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Free Education and English Courses

IPF will conduct free English language courses for the immigrants and their children already present in the country in order to make them useful citizens of this country. It will also arrange to educate the Syrian refugees newly arrived in the UK to make them aware with the culture and history of the country.

Lectures and workshops

IPF will arrange to conduct lectures and workshops for its members and other immigrants to educate them to learn how they can keep themselves away from religious extremism and how to become a peaceful and responsible citizen.

Free Legal Services

IPF will arrange to provide free legal help for the immigrants whose cases have been refused and whose appeals have been rejected or who have been served with the deportation orders and they are still in the country. IPF will also take their cases before the members of House of Commons and House of Lords, so a possible solution of their cases will be found.

Homes and Financial Assistance for Homeless Immigrants

IPF will provide shelter homes and financial assistance to the homeless immigrants who have loss their homes for any reason.

Monitoring the Government Immigration Policies

The IPF policy maker team of expertise will closely monitor the immigration policies of the government, the current difficulties of immigrants and their present circumstances. It will play its role as a bridge between the immigrants and government. It will also regularly make its policies and will share with the government in order to protect the rights of the immigrants.

Help for Returning Home

IPF will provide financial help and support to the immigrants who voluntarily wish to return their home countries