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IPF Programmes in 2018/2019

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IPF Programmes in 2018/2019


Domestic Violence


  • We at IPF are also working to provide awareness about an issue which is becoming worse where we are educating and assisting vulnerable individuals who are brought to the UK upon the basis of being a British person’s dependant and are made to live a life of abuse and are as a result not afforded any protection to safeguard themselves. We teach such individuals how to get to a safe house to live their lives without their human rights not being infringed.
  • We are currently campaigning about this live issue which is becoming worse. Such campaigns are being publicised at local airports where people coming from abroad are being abandoned at that point.
  • Provided food and worm clothes for homeless people in the Ilford Area regularly.
  • We work for refugees for the betterment of their life’s
  • Provide their legal assistance and their financial help
  • We starting a new project as follows:


  • English classes for Beginners
  • English courses for ESOL
  • Tailoring Training
  • Cookery classes
  • Beautician courses
  • IT basic classes


IPF is currently wanting to work with Redbridge council as a referral partner on a project called RISE (Refugees into Sustainable Employment). The project provides support to refugees who are unemployed or economically inactive (not working for health reasons etc.).  The project helps refugees to improve their employability skills, address any barriers to employment and to secure work, volunteering, work placements, education and training.  The said project provides access to the following:


  • Confidence, Motivation and Aspirations workshop
  • ESOL & Conversational English (Run by Redbridge Institute) & ESOL for Construction Work
  • Job Search Workshop
  • Basic IT
  • Self-Employment
  • Learning Excursions (to improve confidence in travelling in London)
  • Interview Techniques
  • CV Workshop
  • BTec Level 1 Award in Preparing to work in Adult Social Care
  • BTec Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment
  • BTec Level 1 Award in Works kills
  • BTec Level 1 Award in Principles of Customer Service
  • Spoken Minds (Run by MIND)
  • Getting Better Sleepers (Run by MIND)
  • Nutrition (Run by MIND)
  • Nyam N’ Go (Cooking ad social group, Run by MIND)
  • 4 Week Working Women: Thinking About Work with a Young Family Course.