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IPF Projects for South Asia/Pakistan

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IPF is not only working for the welfare of immigrants in UK and Europe but it also desires a real democratic system in all third world countries especially in Pakistan. So that with a real democratic system the progress, peace and justice can be made possible in these countries. Infect, political workers are the strong pillars of a real democracy. In reality, political workers are the pillars of a democracy which hold its whole building. But it is very unfortunate that the political workers are not given such respect which they deserve and therefore we face serious consequences of not doing that. For the reasons our law making Assemblies are filled with uneducated and non-political wealthy looters. The corruption and looting is common and our assemblies look like merely a show case in a shopping centre. As a result few wealthy individuals become in power and these third world countries, instead of making progress, lose further. Unemployment, hunger and poverty have stopped the progress.

An increase in suicides and search of safe life forced the people to migrate at large, which have given a new shake to the whole world.
The basic reason of this problem is infect not making a new production of political workers, ignoring the current political workers and not giving a proper attention to their education and training.

IPF is working since many years for the rights of political workers in all countries of the world especially in Pakistan. IPF has released the following package for the welfare of political workers in Pakistan.

Forming a Legal Counsel for them.

  • Building a Residence Colonies for them.
  • Building Libraries and arranging Lectures for their education and training.
  • Providing Fee Education to their children.
  • Fixing a Quota System in schools, colleges and universities for their children.
  • Arranging Scholarships for their children and families.
  • IPF is also arranging to provide financial assistance and scholarships for the families of Journalists and political workers who have died during the performance of their duties.
  • The aim of IPF is to making the workers more educated and making them aware with the leadership qualities.
  • IPF will soon prepare a survey report in Pakistan. This survey report will be based on the residential and other difficulties of the political workers.
  • In the light of this report the IPF will release a package with the help of inter