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WE BUILD HOPE We Fight for the Rights

We are a non-profit organization that supports good causes and positive change especially Provision of food, legal help and Immigrants’ Rights. We provide food, legal and financial help to the illegal immigrants and asylum seekers.

Legal Assistance:

IPF provides pro bono legal advice and assistance to those who are in need of legal support but cannot afford. We also have referral mechanism if we ourselves cannot help them.

Financial assistance:

We provide financial assistance by giving money on a weekly and/or monthly basis to the immigrants who are not eligible for public benefits or having the right to work. We Provide food and clothes for homeless people in the Ilford area regularly.


For protecting immigrants’ rights and improving immigration policies IPF regularly arrange debates on different platformswith experts including immigration solicitors, retired, immigration judges, and scholars. Historically, IPF took a strong stand in ensuring that Pakistan to beexcluded from the White List – allowing the government to presume that any asylum applications from those countries are clearly unfounded, and so reject them. This struggle lasted for months where IPF headed many rallies in Pakistan as well as petitions submitted in other Countries, including in the UK, which lead to a fruitful conclusion and Pakistan along with other countries removed from the list. Politically IPF have participated in many protests/rallies in the UK against the policies negatively affecting immigrants. It has always advocated for the rights of immigrants in an effort to make their lives better and give them right to remain in UK.

IPF is also creating awareness about an increasingly worsening issue - where we are educating and assisting vulnerable individuals who are brought to the UK as being a British person’s dependent and are made to live a life of abuse and a as a result not having any protection to safeguard themselves. We teach such potential individuals how to get to a safe house to live their lives without their human rights being infringed

We urge you to help the immigrants who have no immigration status and are illegal/asylum seekers in the UK.Help us achieve our goals of a just, tolerant and prosperous society. Donate; serve with us or volunteer your voice by sharing our stories and struggles with your social networks to end intolerance, poverty and despair.

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