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Our Achievements

Our Achievements

IPF came into existence in the year 1995.

Since its inception in 1995, IPF has been working for the welfare of immigrants and political workers of the world especially in the UK in order to provide them legal and political support and to protect their fundamental human rights. On 6 September 1998, IPF staged a historical demonstration for the rights of asylum seekers outside the residence of British Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street, London.

IPF started lobbying with the members of House of Commons and House of Lords in Britain. It also started hunger strikes and demonstrations for the rights of asylum seekers and immigrants in London and spread these strikes and demonstrations throughout the country, as a result it got very good results in protecting and improving the rights of the immigrants.

The former British Parliament Member Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar noticed the advocacy and efforts of IPF for the rights of immigrants and asylum seekers and started supporting it.Similarly, other MPs like Mike Gapes MP from Ilford South, Stephen Tim’s MP from East Ham London, Tony Ban MP, Payara Khabra MP from Southall, MrsAne Kane MP from Brentford and Isleworth, Mr Kane MPalso provided their valuable support to IPF.

After a continuedand persistent lobbying of IPF the Minister for Immigration Mike O Brien announced 7 years Policy under which 87000 families were given permanent residence in Britain. IPF played an important role to remove Pakistan and other 13 countries from the “White List” and after this removal the asylum seekers from those countries got a chance to apply for asylum and get settled in UK. IPF provided financial assistance and shelters to thousands of immigrants. IPF provided valued entertainment to the immigrants on the occasions of their cultural festivals. IPF also conducted seminars, literary discussion sessions and musical shows for the entertainment of the immigrants and their families.

During Covid we helped theRed bridge community by providing masks, hand sanitizers, water bottles and food items to them. We also provided food to the most affected people, including the BAME people who got affected the most by covid19. We believe our help also played a role in lowering the covid19 rate within that area.

As a food bank we in 2021-2022 with the help of Red bridge Council and self-help distributed more than 30 thousand pounds of food and covid related items including masks, hand sanitizers and water bottles.

During covid while observing Government SOPs we arranged psycho-social sessions to the elderly and aloof persons who were facing psycho-social issues.